Tony Trevisan

Tony founded ALT Analytics to solve a problem he had seen his entire career: communication breakdowns between the business and technology leading to long development timelines and incomplete solutions. Tony combines a strong business background with a deep technical skill set to build solutions that are designed for business users and leaders. His career has been focused on building technical products directly within the business, being a customers of his own solutions.

Tony has a degree in Economics and a masters in International Business. He spent over 12 years on Wall Street working with Deutsche Bank, Moody’s, Barclays, Stifel, and ProShares. He has also worked for Deloitte and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Without a tech education, Tony has become a self-taught full stack Data Engineer. He can handle the entire data lifecycle from gathering, cleaning, storing, securing, analyzing, and presenting data and insights. He uses Python, R, SQL, Excel/VBA, and an entire suite of cloud tools to solve any data problem with the best and latest tools available. He has served hundreds of customers with single solutions that have ranged from junior analysts up to SVPs and CEOs.

Tony has always resisted the pressure to be defined by a title. This has allowed him to wear many hats, build a very wide range of skills, and deliver the equivalent value of entire tech teams. By speaking the language of both the business and technology, he can iterate quickly and build to the needs of his customers.