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Data Solutions Built by the Business

Data Solutions Built by the Business

Has Your Company Banned Chat Bots? Propose This Solution...


If you are not leveraging the power of AI, you are at a major disadvantage

Automated trading and investing using RStudio on AWS


Set up a trading server in minutes. R offers multiple packages that connect to trading APIs. Trading scripts can be deployed and fully automated, for 12 months free and $3 a month thereafter.

Setting up an AWS analytics server and API in minutes

The steps to stand up an AWS server that can be used to host an analytics dashboard and/or a data feed API

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Data Solutions Built by the Business

Data Solutions Built by the Business

ALT Analytics LLC is a data and technology consulting company focused on helping customers leverage data quickly and effectively. Building out internal Data Engineering and Business Intelligence teams is time consuming and expensive. The next challenge is then translating business needs to working technical solutions. ALT Analytics helps customers bypass both challenges by offering a whole suite of data solutions and combining business and technical expertise to rapidly prototype solutions. Building quickly with consistent customer feedback gets to a minimal viable product (MVP) with less time and resources.

No need for numerous requirements gathering sessions or lengthy business requirements documents. ALT Analytics starts with business needs and leverages the latest cloud technology to deploy working solutions quickly. Products are built to be scalable, reliable, and secure, covering the entire data lifecycle: obtaining, organizing, cleaning, storing, and analyzing. Final solutions are designed to disguise the technical complexity and give business users simple tools to maximize insights and drive decisions.

Contact Tony Trevisan to learn more: or visit our sister site to see some of the work and dashboards created by Tony for DIY Finance: Exploring Finance.

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